Strange navigation behaviour

I decided I wanted to keep my labels etc. between projects, so stripped a finished project down and saved a template. I created a new project from that template then copied across files from a project already started as it didn’t have the label colours, but did have some content I wanted in the new project. Both the file I made the template from and the file I copied information from worked fine.

So far so good.

However, on opening the newly created project again, I found theat navigation no longer worked, that is, whatever folder I clicked on, it would not change the text in the centre pain to that folder. I was left with only being able to view the one folder.

I tried navigating using both the binder and the navigation menu, but I couldn’t get off of that one folder.

I deleted the template and made a new one in exactly the same way and created another new project and copied files over again in the same way I had done previously. This one so far seems okay, but my fear is that as this has happened once, it could happen again. It makes my file unusable and I essentially lose everything saved in the project as I cannot access it.

I am on a Macbook Pro 15" on Mojave OS using Scrivener 3. Unfortunately, I have been unable to duplicate this bug.

many thanks


The most likely cause is that the Lock in Place command was inadvertently set. Navigate -> Editor -> Lock in Place.


Thanks for the reply, but it wasn’t that. I’ve turned that off and on again and no difference. I’ve tried every possible combination under navigation and it makes no difference at all. All my other projects are fine, at least for the moment.

Another thing to check is Navigate > Binder Selection Affects. Otherwise, if you are still seeing the issue in the original project, could you please zip it up and send it to us at AT so that we can take a look?

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I wonder if this issue and the one below are related?


Binder selection affects did nothing either. I’d tried everything in the navigation menu before my initial posting as I’d found a few posts on issues that sounded similar.

I looked at this post. The behaviour does sound the same, but I only had it open on my laptop and I don’t use a second computer to access it from my dropbox.


However, I saw a post on the Tech support forums about Mojave crashes, so I tried the press option key and close project and clear interface settings. This worked a treat, so this may be related to the same bug.
I had also sent myself the project through email just in case that automagically corrected it, (I wanted to make sure before sending it to Literature and Latte ) it didn’t of course, but the above solution also worked on the copied file.

I’m glad you found a solution. Do you use the “lock editor” feature at all? I recently tracked down a bug with Mojave UI files that was triggered by this. If not, could you please still send us the version of the project that has the issue (the one you emailed yourself) so that I can take a look? I’d like to find the underlying cause. You can mark the email for my attention in the subject line.


No I don’t use the Lock Editor at all so 'll send you the file so you can have a look.

edit: file sent.

Great, thanks! I’ve tested (and replied to your email), and the good news is that this is already fixed for the next update, 3.1.

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Brilliant. Thank you.