strange new problem. Text becoming garbled

Hey Ciao
Best regards to everyone. I have this strange problem that has just arisen.

I worked on a chapter last night. Came back to it this morning and the text above what I had written was garbled. See clip I have pasted in. I looked around did not see this in other chapters. Thought about it but started writing, editing the middle of another document and as I got to the end had the same problem.

Wabeno Time
There is a certain amount of good-willed mischief in the liberation of information. The time for the work is almost always a time filled…

“Unfortunately, that part of magic which refused to conform to the neat
categories of the nineteenth-century methodologists was lopped off and
left out of the body of science. It fell into disrepute, was forgotten
save as fable and superstition.
Waldo bega

WAIT…when I pasted this garbled text into this forum window it appears normal. I have attached a JPEG of what I see on my screen. Strange. Maybe is a mac os problem. I am going to restart the computer and see what happens and will check back…hope the attached jpeg comes through…thanks

Before I rebooted I went to some of the garbled text, pressed command-x to cut the text and the command-c to paste it back. once pasted back it was normal.

rebooted and everything is normal now. Odd problem. Never noticed it in any of the other programs but will stay attentive.

My config: iMac alum. core 2 duo, os x 10.4.11. 20 in imac configuration.
4 gb ram. scrivner 1.11.


Very strange. I have never seen or heard of this. I doubt it is a Scrivener problem, because it seems that the very characters have been swapped around and there is nothing in Scrivener that could do that. Let me know if you can ever trap it and find a situation where this always occurs. I have a feeling you had gremlins, though.