Strange Printing Problem

My work in progress takes place over the course of ten days. Each day is a separate division with three chapters. Everything through Day Seven works perfectly. However, when I got to Day Eight, I started having problems with being able to print the current document.

Print Preview does not always work. If I call it up, especially when I first begin the program, I get the Print Preview heading and nothing else. There is about an one inch space of gray where the document should be. If I back up and click on Day Eight, I get all of what I have done on Day Eight, without any breaks between the chapters.

Then, when I return to the chapter I am working on, I can get a print preview, but when I click on the printer and the printer dialogue comes up, after I click on Print, nothing happens. I’ve been working around this by copying the text into another program and printing from there, but I would like to solve this problem so I do not have it going forward.

Thank you for your assistance.

  • Is there any difference in the content of day 8 versus the previous content?
  • Is there any difference in the location of the content?
  • Can you print directly without print preview?
  • Can you print to pdf?
  • Can you do the compile Preview?

Thank you for your reply. First, of course, there is a difference between the content of Day 8 and the previous days. This is a novel, and the action moves along in various scenes.

I did, at one time recently, copy the files to the cloud for access away from home, and I think that is when it started. But it does not matter whether I use the local copy or the cloud copy, the print preview is only for the whole of Day 8, and it will not print. I cannot get a print preview of the individual chapters within Day 8.

No, I cannot print directly without Print Preview. I can get the print dialogue box to open, but nothing happens when I click on the Print button.

I have not attempted yet to print to PDF. Nor have I attempted to do the compile preview. I will do both of those and get back with the results.

Thank you again for your reply.

I attempted to print one of the Day 8 chapters to PDF and nothing happened. The “Save As” dialogue box never opened.

There is not preview option on Compile that I can find. I did figure out how to do a custom compile with only one chapter from Day 8 and was able to print it to PDF. The formatting was off, when I opened it, but I could read it. However, for proofing purposes and sharing with my writing group, it is less than ideal.

Why not create a new chapter 8, called say, Chapter 8 take 2.

Then copy and paste the text to this new chapter and see if the problem follows. There seems to be some damage to the content that isn’t visible. If that doesn’t work, try pasting into notepad and then pasting from there to Chapter 8 take 3.

Thank you for your suggestion. I tried that with limited (extremely limited) success. I was able to copy the first chapter under Day 8 and get it to print, but only by using “Print Preview” for all of Day 8. When I copied the next chapter, the print preview I got was exactly the same as the previous chapter, and it did not print.

If I do the print preview for all of Day 8, I can print all of the chapters, but they are run together without any breaks, and if I want to print just one chapter, I have to copy and paste the text into another program to do so.