Strange screen display behavior on scrolling

I conldn’t find a “Known Bugs” list as indicated in the header for this forum (perhaps it should be a “sticky” topic in this forum?). Pardon me if it’s known.

I have encountered a strange behavior on several occasions, and today I was able to reliably repeat it. It is, unfortunately, intermittent and does not repeat itself after relaunching Scrivener. Here’s what happens:

On certain documents, when I scroll the scroll bar, the letters become distorted and “streaked” down the page. THis occurs whether I press the “down” arrow on the header bar of the editor pane to go to the next document, select it in the binder, etc.

Hope this helps tracking it down.

Movie of the behavior:


This is actually a known bug in the OS X text system - it can happen in TextEdit and other programs that use the system, too. Normally, though, the streaking stays there until you resize the editor. In Scrivener 2.0 I’ve worked around this by forcing a redraw of the text area after a scroll - as you can see in your video, when you stop scrolling, everything gets reset so that the streaks don’t stay on screen. So it’s an OS X bug that Scrivener already works around.

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Has anything about Scrivener’s work-around for this Cocoa bug changed in the 2.0.5 update? I’ve suddenly started getting this bug a lot–multiple times per day–and it doesn’t disappear when I stop scrolling; I have to close or minimize the window or resize it until the blurred text is out of view. Not blaming Scrivener at all, but it’s just odd that I’m seeing it so frequently now when I used to only encounter it rarely and it always vanished once I stopped scrolling. I haven’t updated my OS recently, so it’s just something I’ve been noticing since the latest Scrivener update.

Another potential variable that has just hit is 10.6.7 which might have changed or broke something further. I haven’t seen the smear bug stick in ages, and I’m on 10.6.7. I’ll see it sometimes, but the redraw fix always kills it.

Right, I was obtusely saying that I haven’t upgraded my OS past 10.6.5.

No, nothing has changed in this regard, and I just tested to ensure that the redisplay code is still getting called at the end of a scroll and it is. Is this in the main text area? Only the main text area gets redisplayed so if the blurring is in the notes area then I could understand that…

Fortunately Apple has fixed all text system bugs in Lion… No, just kidding, don’t worry! They have added some trinkets on top instead. :slight_smile:

Ah, no, I think it was all in either Scratch Pad or the notes pane in the inspector. Problem solved.

Oh phew. You had me worried there for a second that we were moving in an un-Apple direction! And that I might actually have justification for updating. 8)

Ah, right - the scratch pad and notes areas don’t have this fix at the moment, that’s one to add to the list. :slight_smile: Good to know it wasn’t in the main text area.

Actually, sod the list, this is an easy one seeing as the code is already there - I’ve just updated the notes area, project notes and scratch pad to have the redisplay-after-scroll fix applied too.


Oh, if only my other main productivity application’s developers were as attentive as Scrivener’s. Amazing support.

Hear hear! Thanks, Keith.