Strange scrivener behaviour, shutting down etc

Hello, if i’m posting in the wrong place please let me know and i’ll redirect.

i’m running Scrivener on my 16inch 2019 MBP. Both my OS and my software are up to date.
Projects keep randomly shutting down, it’s multiple projects so the issue isn’t just with one corrupt one.
i’ve changed the paragraph/line spacing and have clicked ‘use as default’ yet every time i go to a new scene or chapter, the line spacing is back to what it was before i changed it.

so i uninstalled Scrivener and deleted all files on my mac. i reinstalled and it’s just back on my mac, it’s not asking me for my licence or anything like that. is anyone else having these issues at all?

I think that, by default, Scrivener is set to quit automatically after 30 minutes of inactivity. Check in Preferences → General → Automatic Quit.

Does that solve it for you?



Hello! no, I’m afraid not. the shutting down/crashing happens while I’m using it.

What’s the crash report say?