Strange Scrivener-related dreams

So our power cut out in the storm around 8 last night, and once the kindle and 3DS batteries die, there isn’t much you can do besides go to sleep early.

I dreamt that Scrivener had a new mode where you could play a multiplayer game of Civ 5 against other Scrivener users. (Think it was called procrastination mode.) It was an actual game in a new editor window, not calling the external program. I think there was a new winning condition for Scrivener users, where whoever had the most great writers won.

Beyond that, I don’t remember who won. The usual suspects were involved.

You may need to drink more.

Tell me people wouldn’t like a procrastination mode in Scrivener… :smiling_imp:

I think that might be called the “user forum”! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Might be?

Speaking of which…


I ended up thinking of the forums which led to imagining Fluffy as a midget which led to this documentary on Fluffy “The Low Rider” cut off at the knees.

Beware the crumbling edge of the Abyss, Pidg!!

Not impressed Fluff :imp:

I dreamed I was writing on your computer while wearing a chicken outfit, petting a goat, and discussing character development with my imaginary female midget muse, Kay.

Of course I had gone to the dentist earlier and came home and took a nap…

I wrote a song once called “Dave the Goat”.

Somehow the tangential confession seemed apropos.

What the hell: link.
That’s not me singing (although I am playing the guitar). Ah, youth.

Up there with the best, mate… with the best. The ‘best wot’, exactly, is an avenue we’ll leave unexplored… eh?


The notion of petting a goat named Dave is, to me at least, both unappealing and vaguely disturbing. Surprisingly good song though, Mr P. A polymath in our midst, it seems.