Strange scrolling behavior

When I am using two panes and I scroll in one pane and lift up, the “momentum” of the scroll is applied to the other pane.

In other words, if I swipe on the trackpad in one pane and lift up, suddenly the other panel begins to scroll.

The behavior is intermittent and I don’t see any obvious trigger, but it does make using two panes difficult.


I have noticed this problem as well and have checked with Keith on it, it seems to be a problem with some of the newer OS X versions (I noticed it first during the 10.8 beta cycle a few years back). As you’ve noted as well, it only seems to happen when using a trackpad with “inertia” scrolling. If I use a regular mouse with a wheel, I never see it, and if I’m using a trackpad and slowly tracking then I don’t believe I’ve ever seen it happen either. Another similar problem I’ve seen with inertia scrolling in 10.8–9 is that it will sometimes completely fail, and when you lift your fingers off of the gesture, it halts immediately. I’ve seen that one happen in all kinds of lists throughout the Mac. The cross-feed scrolling problem is something I’ve only seen in programs with a number of scrollable content panes, like Scrivener.

At any rate, there isn’t anything we can do about it, unfortunately, but wait for Apple to fix it. One bright note: I’ve yet to see it happen in the 10.10 preview builds, so maybe they have. :slight_smile:

Thanks, Ioa. Fingers crossed that Apple fixes this issue in the next release. It really makes comparative editing a real chore!