Strange, Stuck Window in Scrivener interface

Running the very latest versions of both Scrivener (3.2.3) for macOS as well as Monterey MacOS (12.4). I cannot, for the life of me, figure out how to get rid of this extra window I created when I clicked something. It’s been a few months, and I was on a serious project so I didn’t dare tinker. But that also means I’d forgotten how it happened.

What I recall is that this extra window kind of took over and the only way I could get it out of the way at the time was to push it down on the bottom edge of the Scrivener interface. [see screenshot] It’s there regardless of what project I open (I don’t have many) and no amount of right-clicking, or searching through view menus has led to a way to dismiss it.

Does anyone know how this happened and how to get rid of it?


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Looks like a split editor pane. If you’re working in the upper editor, click on this icon in its titlebar to close the other one:


Oh, my dear sweet November. How could I have missed that one little square?.. :man_facepalming:t2:

I know I was looking mostly on the window itself, but I’m embarrassed to admit how much time on the clock I burned trying to get this to go away.

Thank you. :pray:t4:

You probably already know this, but in my attempt to reply something clever to dillute my ignorance I learned November actually means “9” or the 9th month. We have the Romans to thank for that.

Thank you again, Nine_Mountain.

Thick Mick…

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You’re welcome. :slightly_smiling_face: Just in case you’re curious how that might’ve happened or if the feature has some value, check out the Manual 8.1.4 “Splitting the Editor”.