Strange suggested spellings, not jus UK spellings

I have found that I have to export my project to Word or Pages to catch words that my Scrivener seems to think are spelled correctly. Not just the British English spellings.

For example:
When I misspell arthritic, I am given the spelling “athkridic”

When I right click on “athkridic” it has no “unlearn” option, so it doesn’t seem to be in the custom dictionary.

This had happened to me several times with various words. I am afraid I didn’t make note of the words or their misspellings, as I was on dead line. I will try to keep a record in the future.

Has anyone else had this problem.

I’ve never seen anything like that myself. Have you opened the spell check text file in your ~/Library/Spelling folder to make sure there aren’t any junk entries in the list? You could also bring up the spelling window (Shift-Cmd-;) and make sure the language is set to what you expect. Just a general note: the spell check you see in Scrivener is just the Mac spell checker. So often you’ll find help on spell check oddities by searching in Apple’s discussion forums, or other forums on the ’net that pertain to the Mac in general.