Strange Sync Issue With Latest Scrivener

I am on Scrivener 3.3.3 for Mac OS. I encountered something I’d never seen before today.

Earlier today, I closed Scrivener down and made sure the dropbox sync finished like I always do. Then I shut down the laptop.
Tonight, I went to work on the project, reopened Scrivener, and it told me the binder was out of sync with the cloud project. The two options to choose from were the cloud save from this morning (also the last changed file that dropbox synced), and a binder version from this computer from last night.

The project has not been opened on any computer in months. And the timestamp for the dropbox version in the conflict resolution matches the sync time I see in the latest synced files when I look at dropbox, and also matches the time I closed the project.
So why does it think the project is out of sync with the cloud when the last cloud sync came from this computer?

Did the recent update change something with binder file handling or cloud sync? As far as I can tell, the binder entries shown are the same and they have the same binder count. I haven’t added a new section to the binder lately. I’ve been editing for a couple of weeks.

Also, to clarify, Scrivener had that project open from the time I did the 3.3.3 upgrade until this morning without closing it. The time stamp of the local version in the conflict resolution screen was last night around when I went to bed while dropbox updated the binder autosave again when I closed Scrivener this morning. Maybe there was a faulty snapshot or something that happened last night when I closed the lid of the laptop?

Funny - so have I. Not a big deal because I was aware of when I last worked (iPad or Laptop). But have had the same issue. I assumed it was just the files all readjusting and finding their place. I haven’t done a lot of work since the upgrade but I will keep an eye out to see it continues.

Have been checking for the last day. It did it a couple of times then seem to settle down and is no longer doing it.