Strange text expansion bug

Whenever I type ll as in I’ll or we’ll, the suggestion is LLC and it gets replaced as I type on. I have check the Project Settings/Editor/Auto-complete list and nothing is there. I have looked in the Settings/General/Keyboard/Text Replacement and it is not there. No other text editing apps on the iPad seem to behave this way. If I type llc, then it will suggest LLC, but not for just ll.


As a Windows user, I can’t say how similar its string expansions and spelling ‘corrections’ are to those of the Mac and iOS versions of Scrivener.

That said: There are indeed some strange (for my purposes and expectations) Windows version assumptions.
One could (as I have) teach ‘Scrivener’, ‘Learn it’ (Ctrl + G, Ctrl + L) my typed ‘misspelling’ – Ioa suggested long ago to Ctrl + z after the correction, teach S. my ‘misspelling’, then in Options’ Corrections’ “Edit Substitutions”, provide the ‘correct’ spelling. Then OK, OK/Apply.
(This usually works, sometimes though only after several attempts to work around other substitutions, S.'s and mine; sometimes with leading or trailing blanks in the ‘to be substituted’ string.)

That said too: It would be nice to be able to delete some of the S. speller/checker assumptions rather than clutter up my substitutions.
(Otherwise, I find the auto correction process very good despite that it works on strings, not words, resulting in some curious mid-word gymnastics before the right word or phrase materializes!)