Strange underline in PDF

Hello, I’m compiling in PDF and get this kind of underline

instead of what I fought was “standard underline” like in Ooo :

Did I mess with some parameter somewhere ?
Thank you :slight_smile:

(nb : no problem if compiled for MOBI, for instance, just in PDF…)

This is just the way the default PDF converter creates the underline. If you have Microsoft Office 2007-2013 installed, you can try using the alternative PDF converter, which should give you a little more space above the line. Go to Tools > Options, open the Import/Export options, then click “Exporters…”. Select “PDF” from the left drop-down menu, and then “Microsoft Office” from the right. Click OK a few times and then try the compile again.

If you don’t have MS Office installed, you could try instead compiling to RTF and then opening that in another word processor and saving/printing to PDF from there.

Will try this, thank you.