Strange wordcount behavior

I have a Scrivener project with two scene documents inside my Draft. When I open the project on my Mac, the wordcount is 5052.

When I open it on iOS and open one of the scene documents and check the wordcount, it’s off. Either 5045 or 5047, depending on which document I open. If I then open the other scene document, it will show the correct wordcount of 5052. But as soon as I close the project and return to the project selector screen, and then immediately reopen it, I experience the incorrect wordcount. The accurate wordcount won’t seem to stick.

I’ve even removed the Dropbox syncing, removing all projects, and then re-added it. It had no effect, so I’m pretty sure it’s not a Dropbox sync issue.

Right now, it’s not so bad to have to open each scene to get an accurate wordcount, but as I add more and more scenes, this will become unbearable.

Strangely, if I click the Compile button and preview a compiled PDF, it shows a wordcount of 5045 with the “Default” setting, 5041 with the “Palatino Book” setting, and 5049 with the “Modern” setting.

I’m happy to share a copy of the project for examination; just let me know where to send it, please.

I tried making a brand new project and copying the existing text into it. I’m seeing the same behavior with the new project, so I don’t think it’s a matter of corrupted data in the project.