Strangeness in targets

I’m just looking at a story I’m writing, baffled.

The Project Target says: “124 of 2,000 words”.
The Session Target says: “154 of 1,000 words”.
The word count at the bottom of the page says: “Words: 106”.

What’s going on?

I’m not really sure why you are confused - have you tried looking at the help file?

You have written 124 words out of the 2,000 target you set for yourself in the Draft folder. The project target only counts words in the Draft folder, obviously, as the Draft folder contains the work that will eventually be exported or printed. These words might have been written during the current session or weeks ago.

You have written 154 words since you opened Scrivener this time around out of the 1,000 words you would like to write each session (one session being the time between opening and closing the project). These words may have been written in the Draft folder or anywhere else.

The document visible in the editor at the moment has 106 words in it.

Hmm, I’m not totally sure, but I think this was a new document. Maybe not, though.