Streak count


So, I’m a relatively new user of Scrivener, and I love it. It has helped me to tame my monster novel. I just wish I had known about it when I was in school! It would have been a lifesaver on that thesis paper.

However, something I would love to see in future versions is a streak count: how many days in a row have I met my word count goal? I love seeing stuff like that: it makes me feel like I’ve really achieved something by writing every day. If you wanted to make it super ambitious, it would be awesome to be able to see a spreadsheet or, like, a graph, showing my daily word count since I started using the feature. It would also be awesome if you could set it up to email you every morning and tell you how many days in a row you’ve written, or other statistics and things.

Anyway, thanks so much once again for making this amazing program. I’d be lost without it.

I would also love a streak count. Seeing how many days in a row you’ve met your target is a very powerful motivator :slight_smile:

Why not use any of the countless chain/streak/habit apps that are available?
e.g. Goal Streaks - Daily Goals & Habits Tracker

Or simply use a wall chart…

I can tell you from experience (Where do you think that wall chart is from?) that having it stare you in the face when you sit at your desk is a great motivator.