Strike-Through Function on Tool Bar?


I could not find a strike through icon at top. I looked in options/preferences for tool bars. I hope the Mac version has this editing tool (I know it’s in the windows). I can’t write/edit without it.
If there is not an icon–is there a keyboard shortcut I could use?

Thank you.


I assigned a shortcut to strikethrough using Apple > System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts. My preferred one is Cmd-Opt-U.

If you are looking for revision marking, please note that Scrivener also features an automatic revision marking system.


There doesn’t seem to be that option.
There is something called a bluetooth keyboard, but I do not use any wireless devices (which includes bluetooth) because of health reasons.

I need to have a strike through option while I am writing. It’s not used often during free writing or “zero drafting” but later in the process. But it’s super necessary–for those sections of writing which I don’t want to delete and which are still under consideration.


Missy, I notice that your platform is listed as Windows, but you have posted your query in the Mac Technical Support thread. Are you using a Mac or did you accidentally post in the wrong thread (there is a separate technical support thread for Windows users)?

An alternative to strike through you may consider is using in-line annotations (I think they are available on the Windows version). These leave the text in place but you can choose to ignore it when printing orr restore it back to “normal” text. Visually, it is clear that is different (on the Mac it has a little “bubble” around it). I often used this technique when I was drafting my thesis.

Why don’t you test them as an alternative to strike-through? They’re fast & simple, built in to Scrivener and have the added benefit that you can choose whether or they will display when you compile your work.

UPDATE: I just checked the Windows Manual and inline annotations are available and have a similar look (i.e. display with a thin bubble around them).

If you are on Mac, just click on the Help menu, then into the search bubble there, and type the word strike. Arrow down to the menu items revealed by the search, and it will show you where in the menu it is, and right next to the menu item there will be the keyboard shortcut (if any is assigned already) that you can use. The Help->Search bubble is possibly one of my most used Mac OS X features.


I just got a Mac Mini and I decided to use Scrivener mainly on Mac right now. I also purchased a laptop windows 8. I was going to return the mini mac unopened, but Apple rep said I could open the box and use it for 13 days or so. That’s a great sales technique :smiley:

Scrivener on Mac works better for me. Besides the more obvious feature differences, there are little things-such as the Binder levels in all the Windows versions (7, 8 and XP) are more scrunched together. This can be an issue if you have a lot of folders, files and subfolders in your project–as they don’t look distinct enough from each other.

Regarding strike through–on the windows version, it is in the tool bar.
Robert, thank you for your suggestion. I did look under help in the Scrivener program and I am relieved to see there is a strikethrough. It is a sub category under fonts, but it is shaded.
When I select text first and then go back to that part of the drop down menu–it will then do a strike through).
It has a keyboard shortcut–but I can’t seem to get it to work on my Mac keyboard.
The shortcut is a thick up arrow (which I assume represents the up arrow on the right of the keyboard), a command symbol and an underscore. However, the keyboard doesn’t activate this.

At least I know that the MAC version DOES have a strike through function. But now, I could use some help on how to use the keyboard shortcut or to possibly get it placed in the toolbars.


The thick up arrow indicates the Shift key, not the keyboard up arrow. So the strikethrough shortcut on the Mac is Shift-Cmd-underscore.


Take a look at this image I found searching for “mac keyboard shortcut symbols”: … ymbols.jpg

The up-arrow outline is actually the SHIFT key symbol. Pay especial attention to the CTRL and OPT symbols as well, since they’re not on the keys (unlike the CMD key symbol). You’ll see both of those a lot too.

Thank you, Robert and Katherine. :slight_smile: