Strikethrough button

I’d really like to add a Strikethrough button to the toolbar. I tend to use it a lot (to indicate text I might want to get read of but not sure) and can never remember the keyboard shortcut.

Even with customizing the interface, there’s no option to add a Strikethrough button.

I second this motion. I really need that button in the toolbar.

On Windows Scrivener, it is possible to add the Strikethrough button to the Format toolbar, but not the Main toolbar. Have you tried with the Format toolbar?

If it helps, the mnemonic to remember it is that the shortcut uses the hyphen, which is what you would use to strike out text on a typewriter. The rest is Shift and Cmd, because Command by itself reduces the font size (where the mnemonic there is that a hyphen looks a bit like a minus sign).

You can of course also easily change just about any keyboard shortcut to something more meaningful to you.

A customisable Format Bar is something the Windows version has the Mac doesn’t. It’s unfortunately not as easy to provide that on the Mac (the main toolbar is easily customisable because there is a global system framework for providing such a thing).

I third that! I use strikethrough a lot and a button next to [B] [I] [U] would be awesome!

As noted, there are no plans for this because there is no framework in place for customising auxiliary toolbars in Mac software.