Strikethrough doesn't appear to be honoured on import

When importing a MS Word document, although things like bold and underline appear to be honoured, strikethrough is not. Any ideas?

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A workaround: copy from Word and paste in Scrivener …

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Another workaround… try exporting from Word to RTF (Scrivener’s native format) and importing that.



Are you using the current version of Scrivener?

If so, please open a support ticket and attach a sample file. This should work, so we may need to tweak our file converter.

I will open a ticket. Btw, the plot thickens slightly, in that this problem appears to only happen if the Word Doc is created by exporting a Mac Pages file into Word and then importing into Scriviner (I do this since Scriviner does not support an import of a Pages doc). Although the Word doc displays fine in MS Word (after export from Pages), the strikethrough does not get imported. If, however, I create a fresh new doc in Word, that has strikethroughs, that DOES get imported into Scriviner. So this could actually be a weird Pages issue - although that would not explain why Word displays the exported file correctly, but Scriviner does not.

(apologies, this is my first time on this forum - you had asked for me to raise a support ticket…could you point me at where I do that?)

Use the “Contact Us” link in kewms’s post above and that will get you to support.