"Strikethrough" in Binder if "Include in Compile" Unchecked?

It would be awfully nice to have a strikethrough applied to the titles of documents visible in the Binder (“containers”?), when the option “Include in Compile” is unchecked. Thx, kraml

Users have been asking for a way of indicating “Include in Compile” being turned off in the binder, and I think this is a good suggestion (as long as it is a Preference that is off by default, so that only users who want it can turn it on). I’ve added it to the list for a future version.

Thanks and all the best,

I like this suggestion – or at least the general idea of there being some way to discern in the Binder those docs that are set for exclusion.*


  • Currently, I do this manually by assigning a label which turns the doc’s icon black in the binder.

I do this manually by assigning a self-made icon (a simple dot, which was - until now - my idea of how a not-included document should look like), but I’d prefer to see it automatically. Great to hear that it’s on the list! I could live with strike-through as well as with dots.

I’ll admit to having no right to an opinion. But that has NEVER prevented me from expressing one.

I don’t like a strikethrough. I do like an icon or color change. I have a hard enough time with the text on screen these days without imagining that I just lost a line of pixels on my beloved MBP screen!

An indicator is nice, but only if it reduces the possibility of UI confusion.

As I say, it will only be an option for those who want it, and off by default.

but I do want it, just not as a strike through…

Don’t make me get Mrs KB in on the feature discussion!

Here is my quick strikethrough-in-the-binder test. I like it and it seems the right indicator for the job.

  1. As an indicator, strike-through has the right semantic meaning (immediately grasped),

  2. It is a distinctive mark that will not run afoul of other binder distinctions people use (like color and icon),

  3. The struck text remains highly legible.


I guess these are subjective opinions, particularly this last point.

I will happily accept whatever solution KB implements as long as you stop providing the Mrs new ways to abuse me.

Like it!

You’ve convinced me. Unfortunately, this has nothing to say :smiley:

Maybe instead of struck-through text, the icon could be on fire?

I think the flaming doc icon should be reserved for, you know, hot scenes.

Will the format change appear only in the Draft section of the binder, lot will the strikethrough also show on documents in the Research folder?
I have no preference, I’m just interested.

But, yeah: Icon on fire!

Next thing will be Icon on ice, for those “cool” scenes … :unamused: