Strikethrough Shortcut Feature Request

Hey, I love Scrivener. I just have one teeny tiny complaint. When I’m editing, I like to be able to see the changes I’ve made. While a function like Change Tracking in Microsoft Word would be amazing, I’m not asking for miracles. However, I would like a keyboard shortcut, or at least a button in the formatting toolbar for strikethrough, as I don’t like deleting passages until the final stages.

I would also like to see a strikethrough button on the toolbar for the Mac version, too. On a mac, the keyboard shortcut for strikethrough in Scrivener is: Shift - Command - Hyphen. There has to be a similar one for Windows. Start jabbing away until you find it. Good luck.

You need to see what you wrote and deleted, or you are doomed to write it again.

Try using in-line annotations (if they’re working on the Windows version). It provides two advantages: First, you can see that it’s something you wanted to get rid of. Second, in the compile settings you can include or exclude annotations from the output with a check-box.

Snapshots are also a good way of deleting text without it just disappearing entirely. Eventually, the Windows version will probably allow you to do side-by-side comparisons between the current version and a previous snap-shot like it does on the Mac, though this may be a long way off.