Strip formatting button

It seems like the topic of how pasting in URLs sets your font to highlight and blue comes up every once in a while, and a strip formatting or default formatting option I could then put into the toolbar via customization would be really nice.

There are so many different commands that people request for the toolbar that at the end of the day, if we honoured them all, it would end up looking like a strip of text-only labels (because we couldn’t really have graphics designed for them all) at the very top of the window, where we had all of these various commands sorted into categories and you could easily access them by clicking on the category, dragging down with the mouse, and letting go when you got to the command in question. And then we could add shortcuts to the whole thing, so you could browse through them with the Alt key and single letter taps.


That’s why I had two separate requests: one build a new function -> default formating or strip formatting or whatever you watn to call it.

Two: allow us to add what we want to the toolbar in terms of functions. You don’t need to design graphics for this, use the same functionality that allows us to customize icons.

“Paste and match style” already exists.


If you use the paste and match style function, it strips the formatting. So if you use this with a link, it stops being a link.

For research, I like to have a sentence or two describing what an article says, then paste the link, then have another sentence or two and have another article. But when you do this the link formatting extends from the link into whatever you type.

I really don’t appreciate the tone of your post. It was rude. You failed to understand my problem and desire, and then snarkily posted that a function already existed which did what I wanted. It doesn’t. You are the ignorant one, not me, And you are the one working in customer services, not me. I don’t expect you to be obsequious, but I think you should make the effort to be polite.

To be fair, you did ask for a button to strip formatting, so a response that indicates there is a command that strips formatting seems odd to take objection to, on the grounds that it strips formatting! :open_mouth:

Otherwise, I can’t speak for Katherine, but in my experience some people speak to relay simple fact, and others read tone into such statements and take the basic structure of factual statements as a form of affront. Myself, I try not to read “tone” into anything on the Internet unless it is blatently, with lots of adjectives, obviously meant to be an emotional statement.

You are changing the subject when you don’t get the answer you want. Not very nice.

You asked for a command that strips the formatting from text you paste. When you get the answer that the comman already exists, you change the question.

That one is easily fixed. Make an extra return (or space) and back up with the arrow key, before you paste the link, and then simply move forward to the unformatted text with an arrow key.