Stripping project of all presets, creating new template

I have a really hard time trying to create a non-fiction book template. I’ve been experimenting for 3 weeks now without any success. I’ve watched videos and read posts and looked in the manual… but… still no satisfactory answers.

I have a template that I don’t really know how I arrived at… and every time I try to change formatting there’s an error message that says Scrivener could not “overwrite” the existing (?) template.

I am not trying to create anything fancy. I just want ALL paragraphs with no Indent of the first line. I want no extra line between paragraphs. I want 1.15 points between lines.

That’s all.

If you have any ideas as to how to do this, I will deeply appreciate it. Thank you.

PS: Is there any way to scrap ALL pre-sets I have created either globally or in one specific project :question: :question:

First off, project templates don’t save editor formatting. The default formatting for projects is set in the Editor tab of Tools > Options and applies to all projects, so this is where you’d want to change the indentation and line spacing to have it applied to new documents. You can also then use Documents > Convert > Formatting to Default Text Style to update the formatting of any documents in existing projects, if needed.

There’s a bug that pops up when using Save As Template from a project that started as a blank project, so that sounds like the “overwrite” error message you’re seeing. It’s a silly error about a failure to update a non-critical file within that current project; the template itself is still created, and you should see it as an option when you check the appropriate category in the New Project window.

As for scrapping presets, it depends what you mean. If you’re talking about text formatting presets, that you create via Format > Formatting > New Preset from Selection… you can delete all the custom presets by going to %LOCALAPPDATA%\Scrivener\Scrivener\TextPresets and deleting the TextPresets.bin file there.

Thank you so much for this detailed answer. I will try the solutions promptly. :exclamation: