Structure information / text: lists / enumerations or what else?

Generally I use lists / enumerations to structure ideas / information / text / thoughts because of the easy handling:

What else could be used to structure information? Is there anything more useful (in Scrivener)?

It turned out that importing / exporting / copying lists / enumerations (to another program) is complicated because they mostly lose its formattings. May be one could use some other formatting structuring the text concisely.


with Scrivener you can structure your texts any way you want!
If you want you can put every sentence in its own document and mix them the way you seem fit and with scrivenings still see all of the text.
You can tag your texts and structure them according to these tags.
You can color code your snippets in the binder.
You can have several maps in the binder, each map with its own sorting of your texts.
In outline mode you can sort the columns you like.
You have nearly endless possibilities, also for compiling your text for other programs.

Small correction to this otherwise excellent list of capabilities - in the Windows version, you cannot sort Outliner columns (yet).


Hello Starcat,

Many thanks. Sounds great.

So I can add different tags (and I guess it is the same with “Labels”) to a single note / document / text (e.g. tag 1, tag 2, tag 3 is added to text x and tag 2, 3, 4 to text y) and can then show the documents having tag 3, so doc x and y would be shown like a single doc. Can I hide / undisplay docs having a special tag, e.g. do not show docs with tag 2 and 3?

What are maps? I cannot find information in the manual about them, how can you create one?

Sorry for my bad expression. When I asked this, “What else could be used to structure information? Is there anything more useful (in Scrivener)?”, I meant: when you have a list, may be containing 10, 20, 50, 60, 100 lines or so with different indentions, is there another way to format such text in a way you can display that few lines in a clearly arranged manner (without using lists / enumerations).

Many thanks, again

You could add a bunch of tab stops to the ruler. Tools->Options->Editor has a way to set “snap to ruler” spacing so that when you create new stops, they’re easy to place at regular distances from each other. Setting those stops up in an editor and using Format->Formatting->New Preset from Selection to record those indentations is one way to make it easy to create structured text.

Many thanks, rdale,

Yes, that sounds very good, good idea. The only drawback at the moment I do not know how to avoid, how could I get the cursor to the same indention below the last tab stop of the line above, instead of to the beginning of the line when pressing “Enter”:

Hi Fant,

A number of Scrivener features rely on each other. You can use Collections, Searches, and Metadata to gather text documents together, which provides some really strong organizational tools for longer works. I’m not sure if these tools address what you are trying to accomplish, but the relevant section of the Windows manual are below - perhaps you will find something useful.

Ch 7 - Setting up the Binder - Particularly the Collections section. I believe this is what Starcat was referring to by “map”.

Ch 8 - Navigating & Organising - Particularly Binder Integration and Linking Docs sections.

Ch 9 - Setting up Metadata. I think this is what Starcat meant by Tags.

Ch 20 - Writing tools - Particularly Search section

Frankly, Scrivener bulleting/list tools, at least in the Windows version, don’t work so well for me. I use bulleted lists to track to do items, and it is a point of minor pain, because I constantly have to tweak how Scrivener handles indentation levels, bullet types, renumbering, etc. It just doesn’t seem to be Windows Scrivener’s strength - although it is very possible that there are tip & tricks I am aware of. Luckily for me, I write fiction and very strong support for bullets is not a critical issue for me, otherwise I would have to look elsewhere.

My point being that if enumerated lists are critical to what you do, try it out carefully in Windows Scrivener and make sure it works for you, before you invest a ton of effort into it.

Hope that helps,

Hello Jim,

Great, many thanks for the chapters, yes, those tools look like being exactly what I want, need. I will work through the chapters.

Yes, the lists / enumerations in Scrivener could be a bit more adjustable, have some more options. I always, generally use lists to structure some thoughts, ideas, so they actually are quite important. May be (that could be such a trick) one could try to copy a bullet list or enumeration list from Word to Scrivener, it then obviously uses other bullets / indentions, etc. than the ones in its own lists (if I see it right):

Yes, indeed, that is very true, the choice of a program, to find out which program is the best for one’s needs is extremely hard. Above all, if you realize after having invested tons of effort and time there is an important option / function missing…but at the moment these lists appear to be acceptable for me.

Many thanks