This is not a bug reporting, but a question.
Is it possible to bring some structure in the bug reporting.
It is nearly impossible to scan all the bugs to see if the to reported bug is allready found by someone else.

Is there a checklist with all the subjects/contents of Scrivener.
If all the contents get a unique number, you can adress a bug

The checklist can be rude e.g.


We (members of a testteam) are now making a checklist of “all” the topics of the application.
We shall publish the forthcoming releases of that checklist on this forum.

You can use is to get an overview of the scope of the program, but the main purpose is that each beta-tester gets the opportunity to test the to the tester relevant topics in a structured matter.

Thanks Guido22, I look forward to seeing it. I apologies, it has taken me so long to read and work through the large number of posts. It takes up a large part of my day even before any fixing gets done.

I will publish my own list as promised later this week as well - so, it will be a useful cross reference.