Structure of text docs (formatting)

I’m new to Scrivener. It is my understanding that text documents like “Non-Fiction Format” from the non-fiction template, have no structure that would cause text to be formatting differently, if one, say, indents a sentence using the tab. The document I referred to has several different kinds of fonts and sizes, and I wanted to confirm that formatting was done manually. On a related note, there are System Fonts for things like “Binder”. I changed the latter to a different font, but when I attempted to change it back to “System Font Regular 11”, I don’t see that listed in the list of fonts. I’m not sure if that is Cochlin or not. thanks

The answer to the first question is one of those things that depends on your settings really. At its most basic, using the “Original” compile preset, the way you format text in the editor is the way it will output. It is possible (and many of our default templates work this by default) to have the compiler clean up formatting all the way down to paragraph settings and fonts. I’d recommend the section in the interactive tutorial on compiling, or if you prefer we have some videos on the topic as well.

As an aside; not sure if you meant it this way, but I wouldn’t recommend using the literal tab key to indent a paragraph. It’s nearly always better to set indent formatting on the paragraph (as the defaults demonstrate in Scrivener). It’s also worth noting the compiler can set indents during compile (if you don’t use tabs), including the busy work of removing an indent after headings and sections.

As for the “System Font”, that refers to Apple’s San Francisco font, which they hide from the font chooser. At this time it is not possible to get that setting back without acquiring the font (if you’re a developer it is available for download), or resetting everything to factory default. That is an oversight that will be fixed in 3.0.

Thanks for that. I was using tab to see if Scrivener changes font/size when indenting, etc. I’m guessing the different fonts/sized in the non-fiction were created manually, but I’ll continue to explore.

Scrivener 2 (the current version) has no understanding of “styles” like you might have seen in something like Word. All formatting is created either manually, or by (manually) applying a formatting preset.

So no, increasing/decreasing the indent level will not change the formatting.