structuring with folders or text files

Good afternoon everyone.

I saw you can structure your scrivener book both with folders or text files, the latter is when you put a higher lever text file and severl lower level ones under it, f.i. the scrivener user manual is structured that way.

I just wonder which way of the two should I go and what are the advantages and drawbacks of each method.

Could you please me enlighten me a bit about that?

Thank you.

Since you can convert documents to folders and folders to documents, and folders can have text separate from any child documents and documents can have child documents, it’s entirely up to you how you do it. The thing is each type can be treated differently at compile time.

I don’t write fiction, rather collaborate on translations from and into Chinese, so in general this is of little concern to me. I do however have a project which is an archive of recipes I’ve cooked from all the countries I’ve spent time in. In that, the Country is a folder, the recipe introduction is a document with child documents for ingredients, method, and notes where needed.

I imagine you could translate that into a fiction project as Folder + Chapter, Document with Children = Scene, Child document = Beat.

Hope that helps.


Thank you. So the differences arise on the compiling side. But you can always go back and forth between those two kinds of elements, so that should you hit a wall you could always convert.

Thank you.

Absolutely. I’m sure others will be along to give their take on structuring.