Struggling controlling images MMD > LaTeX

Hi folks, hope you can help me out please :question:

I’m able to insert images by adding this into my document:

![caption](../images/name.jpg "")

I then compile to LaTeX and open using Texpad. Everything works except that I’m not happy with the image placement. For some reason the images always want to go onto their own page leaving the title page (Where the image should be) empty apart from the title.

Here is the LaTeX code that is generated:

\begin{figure}[htbp] \centering \includegraphics[keepaspectratio,width=\textwidth,height=0.75\textheight]{../images/name.jpg} \caption{Caption goes here.} \label{} \end{figure}

Is it possibIe more accurately control image placement from within Scrivener?

You won’t be able to do this ‘out of the box’, as getting an image onto a title page requires a bit of fiddling with latex.

One way to do it is to use the \title command to define what the title should contain, then use the \maketitle command to place it in the finished document (all that needs to come after the \begin{document} command).

For example:

\includegraphics[width= \textwidth]{JPATL_Logo.jpg}


gives me a title next to a logo at the top of my document.

Depending on how sophisticated you want to be, you could either put that into your Scrivener docs as protected latex code, marked with or you could create a separate tex file with the code in, which is then called in the compile by a Latex input command in the custom meta-data. I prefer the second method as it is easy to re-use for repeat projects, such as a series of technical notes. You’ll see I use the \mytitle and \subtitle variables to pick up those values from the title and subtitle defined in the compile dialogue.

Thanks for the reply. I seem to have inadvertently solved it.

I had inserted a pdf and taking that out has fixed the issue.

That might not work indefinitely, though. It could just be a circumstance of the current typesetting model, and once you add a paragraph or something, the image will relocate again. Here is some more advice and info on the difference between graphics and the figure environment in LaTeX: … e-in-latex