Struggling with Compile - not compiling all documents within a Group

Hello all,

Any suggestions to get this to work?
I have a few parts of my chapters that see a folder/group, with each containing 4 sections within.

In the first group, when selecting it in the Binder, and then having the Binder view show the 4 sub-sections, Compile works as expected. In other words, when I compile, the exported version contains the text of ALL the sub-sections within the group.

In the second group, doing the same only sees the text of the first sub-section being output, as opposed to the text of all of them.

Since it appears that I cannot select a single sub-section within a Group to compile, I am reliant on ALL being included in the output process. With this not happening, I cannot compile to “see” sub-sections 2, 3 & 4…

Am I sitting with a corrupted file, that is preventing the compile of all 4, or am I missing something regarding how to only Compile/output an individual sub-section within a Group?

Hi, your sidebar information says you’re on Mac, but you’ve posted in the iOS forum. Which are you on? It would help to know!



Hi - apologies, iOS on a 12.9" iPad, hence the reference to the Binder sidebar.

All updated/latest iOS and Scrivener versions.

Are all of the items in the second group set to be included in compile?

For the sake of trivia, we’re calling it a “binder sidebar” in the Mac version as well—since it is capable of showing more than just the binder, there are collections and search results in the sidebar, it is useful when needing to be specific about which sidebar.

Many thanks - what is the iOS sidebar called? Want to try and use the correct terminology.

Yes, I’m wanting to compile all 4 sub-sections, but mainly due to my not being able to select an individual sub-section from those 4, to export on its own. As it stands, only the first of the 4 is being output for export/compile.

Sorry I might not have been clear enough. When I asked if they were included to be compiled, I meant, is the actual switch “Include in Compile” enabled on all four documents, in their respective inspector panes?

The tutorial describes it as “the binder”, or “the sidebar”, but prefers the former since on the iPhone there isn’t a sidebar, it takes up the whole screen.

That was it, thanks. I didn’t even know about that option - alternatively, forgot about it soon after the release of Scrivener on iOS, since somebody had to have toggled it off!

1/4 was on, 2/4 was off, 3/4 was on, and 4/4 was off, strangely.

I presume this toggle is also what would be used to compile a specific sub-section from a group?

Sure, you could use those settings to only compile one piece out of a folder. Though at that point I would wonder if just exporting the chunk all by itself would be more expedient. Given the relative simplicity of the iOS compile engine, unless you need some kind of formatting treatment, the “share” button in the bottom of the editor is a simple way to get the text of one file out.

I looked at the “share” button initially, but (given what I now know) with it only compiling what was toggled accordingly under the Info/Inspector for each sub-section, those that I wanted weren’t being output.

It’s all working now as expected, so many thanks for the assistance!