Struggling with printing


I’m finding printing really confusing.

I have been making notes that are kept in various folders and subfolders under Research. They are nothing to do with the Draft. I’m trying to print one of the note documents, and, not unreasonably, am using Print Current Document to do so. But all I get is something like a cover page with the document title and some meta-data about last modified etc.

Maybe that is because the last time I tried to do any printing, I was trying to print the outline (of the contents of the Draft folder) and, as per instructions in these forums, did so using the Compile Screenplay option and fiddling with the settings for what I wanted to appear (basically just synopses and notes). Or maybe not. I can’t imagine why Compiling the contents of the Draft folder would have any bearing on trying to print a document from the Research folder (or even Printing Current Document for one of the individual documents within Draft, for that matter).

And, while I’m at it, I do want to print my outline again, although the font is rather large, but none of the settings for changing the fonts within Compile Screenplay (all of which are set to Courier, and yet what prints out is not a fixed-width font, not sure what it is) seem to affect it.

Sorry, but I’m baffled.

It sounds like you are referring to the default page header, which contains at the top the name of the Scrivener project, a date stamp, and page number. So that all is normal (unless these things are formatted down in the middle of the page or something odd). Why you are not getting any content is more troubling. What kind of notes do you have? Are they just text typed in normally in Scrivener? Have you been typing in the Synopsis card or the Notes panel instead of the text area?


No, it is just a text document which, in this incidence, lies directly under the Research folder. There are no notes, no synopsis associated with it, just the contents of the text document itself. Makes no difference whether the binder (with it selected) has the focus, or whether the editor has the focus.

Print Current Document prints whatever document is currently selected in the editor. I sounds as though you are printing an enclosing group document rather than its subdocument or something, but it is very difficult to tell from your description. Could you please give a detailed description of what you are trying to do, what you are actually doing, and what the results are as opposed to the expected results? Print Current Document really should be very straightforward - you can choose what is included in the print via File > Page Setup > Settings > Scrivener, though, so maybe you have changed something there?

As for the Compile Draft, the synopses in the outline, will, I believe, use the font selected in the Formatting tab if override formatting is turned on, or otherwise the settings in the Preferences (Courier will only be used for the script itself) given that synopses in Scrivener are plain text and thus have no font associated with them, and thus need one applying. Scrivener 2.0 makes this fully customisable, though.

Hope that helps.
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yes, at sometime I must have changed the page setup settings while experimenting with printing out the outline. I’m new to Mac and wasn’t sure if what I was looking at in the dialogue box was a Mac thing or a Scrivener thing. Anyway, I can see from the settings what the problem is, thanks for the nudge in the right direction…