Stuck in a Table

When I make a table at the bottom of a document I get stuck in it and am unable to exit the table to continue writing. The only solution that I have found is to make sure that I insert a table a few lines from the bottom of where I am writing. Has anybody found another solution?

Tables are horrible, I’m the first to say it. Unfortunately I have to rely on Apple’s OS X text system for their tables implementation, and it ain’t pretty (one day off in the future I’d love to roll my own or find a better solution - Ross Carter has done some amazing work with tables in Pagehand, for instance). It’s definitely best always to leave an extra line below before creating a table above. What about hitting tab out of the last cell in the table, though - does that work?

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When I came to the Mac and finally realized that not everything here was golden - and it was the unbelievable bad implemented table function of the OS X text system which taught me that - I had the same problems. Today, when I feel the need to use a table, I start by thinking “is this really necessary?”, and if, after rethinking, I still believe it is, I do it very cautiously. Inserting several empty lines after the point where I intend to risk the creation of a “table” is indispensable.

And I keep my hands from things like uniting table cells, changing the borders of the headline row or the like: It simply does not work.

I already know that tables are a problem, but I wanted to make sure that I wasn’t missing something to make my life easier. Thanks for the advice.

I’m not stuck “in” a table YET, but I can foresee getting stuck one. I am having difficulty inserting a new row in a table. I can get the table to add a bunch of blanks at the bottom of the table. BUT I can’t seem to insert a row in the midsts of several rows. The SPLIT CELLS button isn’t highlighting, so I can’t do that. Any suggestions?