Stuck in Screenplay mode


I use the Humanities Undergraduate Essay script setting for my work. Since the latest patch (, every new document I create uses the Screenplay script setting, regardless of what type of style I choose when I create the document.

Is there any way to change the documents to Humanities Undergraduate Essay style?

Do you mean new projects that you create? The script settings are saved as part of a project, so all script documents within a project should be using the same setting. The Humanities Undergraduate Essay template changed however to no longer use a script setting in 1.7.1, instead relying on the new formatting presets and preserved formatting feature to deal with block quotes and such. thus if you create a new project from that template, it won’t have the previous version’s script settings, and the default for script mode would be screenplay.

You can however save the script settings from one of your pre-1.7.1 essay projects and load them into a new project. Just open the earlier project with the humanities script and go to Format > Scriptwriting > Script Settings… then click the Manage menu button and choose “Save for use with other projects”. Give it a name and click OK, and it will then appear listed as an option in the Scriptwriting submenu for any project.