Stuck on Backup — apparently unfixable!

I’ve been gone awhile, I know—I’ve been sick, so I may be missing (or forgetting) something important that started all this—but as far as I’m aware, one day, opening old projects and templates created a backup file and proceeded normally.

Another day, I could no longer open old files.

Computer: PowerMac Quicksilver (2002 G4, if I recall correctly)
Processor: 933 MHz.
System: 10.5.8

Console Message:

7/2/11 6:44:05 PM Scrivener[620] .sdef error: Operation could not be completed. (NSXMLParserErrorDomain error 1549.) 7/2/11 6:44:05 PM Scrivener[620] line number: 2

Backups start but never finish, stuck on the “incomplete” bar for the backup. I’ve attached a small project for which that happens with me.

At one point, another friend with Scrivener was able to update files and send them to me, but now not even that works—and files that I’d thought she updated for me aren’t working, either.

Reinstalling Scrivener doesn’t help. Removing the preferences file doesn’t help. Doing both doesn’t help. All I’ve been able to do is use the “Import project” function to pull my files in—which loses all my custom labels and statuses and keywords. I use those first two heavily. I can work with that option if I absolutely must, but I’d rather not go through that headache of having to figure out what project had what labels where.

I started fiddling with the innards of a copy of one of the misbehaving files. I’ve removed all sorts of files short of the RTF ones in these files. When I remove the info.plist and try to open the resulting file, I get told that “Updating of the Scrivener Gold project failed”—and all project data is shifted into the “failed” backup, which if other users are anything like me, they delete, and then discover to their shock that there’s no data in the file for which backup failed.

Moreover, nothing shows up in Console when this happens.

scratches head

I’ve also verified that this happens whether I’m operating under a “Standard” user or an “Admin” account. (322 KB)

Try downloading the latest beta from here, installing that, and then trying the upgrade again from the original project file. Keith’s made a couple fixes that have cleared this up for a few others having trouble updating some projects, so that’s definitely the first thing to try.

The attached file updated instantly for me in 2.0.5 (9567).
All the best,