Stuck when activating

Just bought Scrivener and entered the registration information. A new window opened saying “Product activation required” and explaining that my information would be verified by eSellerate. Nothing happens however and when I click OK in that window Scrivener closes and if I open it again I will again get the main window overlaid by the “Product activation …” window .

I tried the advice from the FAQ and disconnected from the Internet but the window with the status that it couldn’t connect neve showed.

What to do?

Have you tried rebooting your comp? That sometimes irons out anomalies. If that don’t work, you could try re-installing the program.

I just activated my copy and it took several seconds before i got an error message saying it couldn’t activate. I tried several times and in the end, I went to my email, copied and pasted my serial name and number from there and it worked.

Hope the reboot works if you haven’t already tried it already. Might be worthwhile checking to see if other links from Scrivener to the net are working, such as those found under the help menu. If they are working it could just be a slow connection or a problem on the server end.

Let us know how you get on and hope you get it sorted.

Thank you for replying but no luck.

I tried rebooting and reinstalling but it didn’t help. The strange thing is that after reinstallation when I started the program I got the startwindow that you get the very first time but almost instantaneously I also got the “Product activation …” window on top of that (which blocks any other Scrivener window!), so apparently not all information was deleted when uninstalling the program (I tried to look in the registry and in Local/appdata and manually delete any Scrivener data there but it didn’t help either - the data is obviously kept somewhere else (I am not that familiar with the registry so it may be somewhere in there - I didn’t find it anyway, and in Local/appdata there remained a Scrivener folder even after unistalling but removing it didn’t help)).

And so I can’t activate Scrivener and can’t even use it since the “Product activation …” window blocks it.

Okay, run ‘regedit’ again. Expand HKEY_CURRENT_USER. Expand folder ‘Software’. You will find two entries in there. One is Scrivener. There is another one for the license, called eSellerate. You could try right clicking and deleting them both. When you re-install, the installer will re-write the values again. It’s a pot shot but worth a chance.

There is also some info about eSellerate files installed on your computer here … y-computer

What’s interesting to note is, I looked through my computer for the installation files as shown in that link but failed to find it. Also, there is a bit at the bottom of that page referring to registry values being written after successful registration in two places, but in my registry there is only one entry, being the one i quoted in my last response. Yet mine is registered. Strange lol.

ltruls, thanks for purchasing Scrivener and sorry for the unfortunate intro! It sounds like you’re running into a bug with the eSellerate code used for activation. You may be able to get around this by booting Windows in Safe Mode and activating from there; this has worked for a few users who experienced the problem. Happily, eSellerate has fixed this issue and updated the libraries we need, so the imminent release of 1.5.9 will have this newer version and should resolve the activation crash problem.

If the Safe Mode fix doesn’t work for you, please drop an email for my attention to AT literatureandlatte DOT com with a reference to this thread, and we’ll get you instructions for resetting to the trial mode (so you can run without needing to activate until the 1.5.9 update is available) or provide you with an pre-release build of 1.5.9 to get around the issue. Thanks for your patience!

Thanks all.

As for now; I did a systems restore (I always set a system restore point prior to installing new programs), reinstalled Scrivener and now have a functioning trial version. I will wait for the 1.5.9 update before attempting another activation.