Study on reading - might be interesting for you

Hello everyone!
We, that is a group of scholars from the Universities of Wuerzburg and Frankfurt (Germany), are currently conducting a short online survey on reading behavior and preferences. We want to know what you read, how much you read and why. Needless to say, all data are submitted completely anonymously. Later on, we will publish the results of the data analysis and you can request information on the results. We would be most grateful if many of you followed this link and took part in our international study (this only takes 5-10 minutes):
Thank you very much in advance and best wishes to you all!

TOPIC: This study is about reading (e.g., reading preferences). In the online survey, you will find contact information in case you want to get further information.
EXCLUSION CRITERIA: everyone can participate whose mother tongue is English
DEADLINE: July, 2015
RESULTS: In case you want to get to know the results of the study, please feel free to contact us. We will tell you everything you want to know once the study is finished and the results are ready.
AFFILIATIONS: Dr. Benjamin P. Lange, Dipl.-Psych. Christine Hennighausen (University of Wuerzburg, Germany, Department of Media Psychology), Dr. Eugen Zaretsky (University of Frankfurt am Main, Germany, Department of Phoniatrics and Pediatric Audiology).

I started to fill your questionnaire in but there are too many leading questions! For example, you have a question on whether the subject would consider writing a book but no follow-up parallel for those who have already had books published. Similarly confusion with the “[novel] locked in a drawer” question there is no follow-up/parallel question for those who have already let a novel out of that drawer. Actually so many questions don’t allow the respondee to answer correctly. The genre question does not allow “literate fiction” and where would classic fiction like the Brontees be included? The organisation of questions is bizarre. I stopped filling in the questionnaire after all those problems.

I had a similar reaction. Questions are sometimes impossible. For instance:

My favorite author? Pick a novelist and I eliminate poets, political writers, science writers. Would I rather read E B White or John Banville? Depends on my mood, the time of day, etc.

Only one favorite book? Same problem as above.

I did finish the study, but my answers are not — considering the problems encountered — statistically reliable.