Study Whizfolders

I am considering switching to Scrivener from Whizfolders… One of the main reasons is Scrivener’s wonderful export to ebooks feature, amongst other neat features…

But then, WF has some nice features that I wish were also in Scrivener… Some of the commonly used features, such as collapsing folders or expanding folders, for example, are more readily acceptable thru a tool bar button in WF… I think that most of WF’s features are in Scrivener but in many instances I don’t feel they are as readily accessible. One feature WF has that Scrivener does not have, I believe, is the ability to quickly organize documents alphabetically by title in the Binder/Draft. (I’ve put this in as a separate request).

I hope you can take a look at Whizfolders and possibly incorporate some if its nice points as you see fit… As I said, Scrivener is a great program or I wouldn’t be interested in switching over to it… I’d be writer’s heaven to have the best of both of these great writing programs!!!

thanks much! Eric

Hi Eric,

Hope you like Scrivener. I am loving it so far. Only took a few hours of playing with it to see it far surpassed the other programs out there in features and capability. And the feature to price ratio ain’t bad either. :smiley:

As far as a toolbar goes are you meaning something like how a web browser toolbar works with bookmarks? Where you can click the folder and then select through the hierarchy until you find the document you want? So you only want to go down 3 levels and do not want to be bothered with displaying the 4th and 5th levels per se? I do not believe that is in Scrivener, but others more wise than I may know better.

In Scrivener you can (mac version) not sure of your windows version, hold down option when you click and it will expand just that folder all the way in the binder. I think in the widows version it would be holding Alt and clicking the triangle next to the folder. Hopefully a windows user can confirm that. :confused:

As a general posting tip so you can get the most help I have found the people in the forums to be very gracious and helpful. -A true community of ladies and gents. People don’t mind if you ask for something, are learning or can’t find things or wonder if it’s even possible.
So if you could provide a little more detail as to what you want that is in Whizfolders that you are not seeing in Scrivener that would be more helpful than a general statement of learn another program so Scrivener can become more like it. Because really it is perception in some regards. What you see as a difference may be what others see or interpret as not really a difference, maybe just a style thing.

So go ahead and shoot straight at the forum with what you would like to see and if you know what you want ask for it directly. It’s probably better for Keith (the guy who created Scrivener) to spend his time working on his program instead of learning the in and outs of another.



You can add Expand All and Collapse All to the toolbar if that helps:

Tools > Customize Toolbars…

This expands or contracts the entire binder.