"Stumbling tour of London"

Dear vic-k,

Thank you for your assistance to date. However, it seems there have been a few minor administrative misunderstandings when booking my flight. While you arranged a window seat, for which I’m very grateful, it seems that you forgot to arrange transportation from Australia to Beijing in order for me to catch the flight. The airline staff were very accommodating, although the extra $1000 to cover the missing leg of the journey was unexpected and my wife was rather upset that I maxed out the credit card.

Of greater concern is that I am now in Ulan Bator, Mongolia, rather than London, England, and the officials here (as best as I can tell) are adamant that my ticket does not continue beyond this point. They assure me that I have arrived at my destination. They agree, but seem unimpressed, when I mention that this is not London. Since I maxed my credit card getting to Beijing I cannot afford a hotel and, if I am understanding the facial cues and hand gestures of the Chinggis Khaan International Airport security staff, it seems that sleeping in the departure lounge is not culturally appropriate behaviour. They seem rather keen for me to leave the building.

On the plus side, when I spoke to my wife by phone to explain that I seem to be stuck in Mongolia, she laughed like she was twenty-two. Given how upset she was when I bought the Beijing ticket, it lifted my heart to hear. Although I wonder if something has happened since then as the operator now tells me my wife will not accept any more reverse charge phone calls.

Perhaps you could get your people to contact the airline to resolve the matter. I’m sure it’s a simple misunderstanding, perhaps the legs of the journey were booked separately or something?

I do hope to hear from you soon.

Security staff now insist that I wait outside on the concourse.

It is getting cold.

[size=75]Please help.[/size]



Nom, I hear the yaks can be friendly at night. Just make sure you aren’t the one they want to be friendly with.

You can always rely on the usual miscreants to lower the tone of a thread tch!tch! :frowning:

it’s my thread buddy!