Stumped by compile formatting

Let me add my plea to those defeated by using the compiler.

I’ve spent a couple of days with the videos, the Interactive Tutorial, and the user forum, and I do believe understand the principles, but when I go to compile my very simple manuscript (written in Times New Roman 24) using one of the standard manuscript formats, it comes out unchanged in Times New Roman 24. (Yes, I am assigning section layouts to my one little section.)

There are other formatting changes (italics become underlining, etc), but the font type and size seem to be stuck. Just like me.

I’ve been using Scrivener for years, but have never tried to take on the compiler before. And with good reason!


(Assuming you’re using Scrivener 3.)

If all you want to change is the font, click at the top center of the main Compile window, where it says ‘Font.’

If that doesn’t help, have you assigned a Style to your text? Styles act as a “Preserve Formatting” command, and will be unaffected by changes to the default text format.


Yes, I had applied a style to text. It was easy enough to go back and change it all to “no style.”

All good now.

Thanks very much.