Stumped by Snapshots, 2

I like Snapshots a lot: the binder isn’t cluttered by old versions; snapshots have dates and times of creation logged automatically; they can be titled; created via manual save; I can remember them and find them easily; a little asterisk or dog-eared icon lets me know there’s a snapshot, etc…

The problem? Referencing an old version while working on a different document.
Example: Working in Chapter X, I realize I can use bits from an rejected version of chapter Y, but Snapshot of Y cannot be kept open while Chapter X is open.

Any suggestions?

A neat trick with Snapshots is that you can drag any one of them from the list over to the editor’s header bar (where the title of the document is printed) and it will be loaded into the editor at full size. The background colour will change to help remind you that it is not editable and that you are viewing an older version. So in conjunction with the split editor feature (View/Layout/Split Horizontally for instance), you can pull up an older version of your document alongside the current version for reference, or you can—as you wish—view snapshots from entirely different sections of the binder.

Alternatively there is a way to lock the Inspector to a particular split. In the very bottom-right corner of it you’ll see a padlock icon. Click on the split that has the section you want to view the snapshot for, then click the lock and switch back over to your chapter X. Chapter Y’s snapshot view should remain up. This way you can view the current versions in your splits, and a snapshot of something else in the Inspector, for three total views.

Thank you! :smiley: