Stupid question about searching


Sorry for this but I can’t seem to find a reference.

Oftentimes I search and it’s easy enough to click on the result and see it in the edit pane, but how can I also select the appropriate item in the binder pane?

Thank You,

My assumption is that you’re on Windows Scriv v1.9.16 (Help > About)

There are two ways of locating the search result item in the binder:

1- The usual Reveal in Binder method from the editor pane. In the Editor Pane Header, left-click on the icon next to the item name, and choose Reveal in Binder.

2- In the Search Results list, right-click on the item and choose Reveal in Binder.

Doing either of these methods will replace the Search Results list with the Binder. If you then want to return to your Search Results list: Click on the Collections icon in the upper left of the Main Toolbar to reveal Collections, and then select Search Results.

If that doesn’t do what you want, let me know. :slight_smile:


Dear Jim,

Thank you. Yes I’m using the new Windows Beta.

That solution works.