style definitions should be easier to access and manage

One wish I have for Scrivener is that the workflow for styles could involve fewer steps and have greater clarity. I’m having a hard time adjusting to the current implementation. Don’t get me wrong, I like the fact that the style stuff is kept out of the way. Out of sight out of mind. I also have relatively stylistic requirements - a few heading styles and block quotes. But I would surely love to be able to pop open something akin to a palette to set and apply styles more quickly.

Have you tried using the Ruler (Cmd-R)? The drop-down on the far left has an “other…” selection which has a style browser, and the ability to create your own custom styles. Then, by using the system’s Mouse and Keyboard settings, you can add keyboard shortcuts to these custom styles, if you wish.

Thanks Amber for fielding this one. Yes, Scrivener has access to the standard OS X styles management system via its ruler (cmd-R when the text view has focus). It is the same system that TextEdit etc uses for managing styles, and should be fine for your use, by the sounds of it.

Along this line, I would like to export a huge draft with many chapters and sub-chapters to MS-Word. I did not find how to get headings and sub-headings automatically assigned. E.g., I would like to have scrivener folder names get the style heading1 and item names (within scrivener folders) get style heading2 in the resulting .doc document. Otherwise one has to assign all these headings by hand within MS-word. Is that possible using perhaps custom styles somehow ?

(Scrivener newbie)


Check out the the FAQ, specifically answer II.12, it explains what you are seeing. Perhaps I should add a cross-reference in the word processor export section. This is a known limitation with the Apple rich text system, and the RTF format in general.