Style for importing mind maps

I did a quick search and didn’t find anything related, if I missed it somewhere I apologize.

First off, love Scrivener, awesome lightweight tool. Having said that; if I had a wish, I would wish for the ability to chose what to convert to a folder when importing a mind map prior to pushing the button, either at the time of import which might be terribly difficult given the complexity of some mindmaps or as a style under tools >> import/export.

While I can go back after importing and chose “convert to folder” it would be a nice to have.


Did you know you can flip the type of items for many at once? If you select several containers and use the menu command they will all be toggled at once. I just don’t think that many people importing outline files, period, and then within that I don’t think many of those people do this repeatedly, and that even fewer of those do so with the same predictable structure over and over. That’s a pretty narrow usage for so the amount of interface it would take to design something as described.