Style format change when I press enter

The format switch to “No Style” every time I press enter. It’s annoying as I created a “Body” style that behaves the way I want it to - which I wasn’t able to do with “No style” - but I can’t keep it default through a whole project.

I’m not sure what you are doing with a style that you couldn’t do with “no style”. With the exception of the style highlight feature (which I doubt you’re wanting for every bit of text), styles only record what you can already do with regular formatting, and “no style” is regular formatting.

So firstly you should give that approach another shot, because that is how you are supposed to use Scrivener, and will likely run into issues otherwise. You can read more about that in the user manual, under §15.6.1, Think Different, starting on page 405.

So, bearing in mind compile may become unnecessarily confusing and require a bit of manual labour every time you set a new format up, as well as the format cleaning tools no longer working well—if you don’t mind and wish to go forward with “Body”, then skip a few pages down to §15.6.3, under the subheading, Redefining a Style, pg. 415 (and of course the section above that is what actually documents the settings here). As with most stylesheet systems, you can select which style to switch to upon pressing return (including sticking with itself).