Style hotkeys

Style hotkeys now only work in windows when the Ruler is showing, this is true whether in Binder View or Full Screen.

Their behavior is even more curious when two editors are open (in Binder View). If the cursor is in the lower editor with the Rule OFF; but he Rule is ON in the top editor, the style change happens in the top editor (even though the cursor is in the other editor).

Is there some odd technical reason for this? Or might it be made more consistent?

This is because the only interface element that shows the styles is the menu in the pop-up button in the ruler. So if you assign a shortcut key via System Preferences to a style name, it is actually assigned to the menu item. It can only be called if the menu is present in the interface. I have no idea why the style change would affect the unfocussed editor, though; in both cases it is an issue between keyboard shortcuts and the OS X styles system rather than something to Scrivener, I’m afraid. Scrivener 2.0 adds its own way of assigning styles that should circumvent the issue.

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That’s great!

Will it allow me to assign just one style element to text without changing any of the others - such as font color and paragraph indentation? The current system only lets me assign font color and indentation both at the same time. So if I have two paragraphs, one indented and one not, I can’t use ONE style hotkey (say, red font) to change the two differently indent paragraphs to a red font.

…I’m not sure I made that clear. Unless I’m missing something, it seems like I have to make four hotkeys to simply change font color and indent using hotkeys:

  • paragraph indent + red font
  • paragraph unindent + red font
  • paragraph indent + black font
  • Paragraph unindent + black font

I’m using this as an example, I know that font color could be changed with the color chooser - but not with a hotkey.


… I should add that style hotkeys are not a trivial issue for the way I write/edit. I use font color, levels of indentation, and single vs. double line spacing as ways to push text around, raise and lower it in importance, and massage into final form. Consequently, I change these style elements constantly. So, to have to do three mouse clicks to change font color, rather than a simple hotkey, is significant.

What I think could be really useful, would be to have, say, ten user-defined style options (options that could work independent from the other style choices of a selection of text) that could be activated by hotkey and also to have the option of putting these personal style choices in the toolbar.

…now, that would be cool.