Style Issues

I’m settings Styles for some unique Paragraph Headers and bullet lists. Unfortunately, I’ve encountered some Style and formatting issues. I can mark a header text selection as Bold and try to Redefine that style from selection, yet when it updates, there is no Bold text. I can mark text in a Style as bold, update it, then go back in and make it Bold again, but if I copy and paste the Styled text to try to save having to manually update the bold on every instance, it again loses the Bold during paste. So I’m having to mark every instance of this as bold manually. Not sure why it isn’t saving that. When I defined the style, I did select Save All Formatting including Font Size and Family. I have discovered that if I go into each character’s confidential document where I use these, if I click in the styled header and hit the bold button, then every header on the page will go bold. Strange quirk.

Pretty much the same thing with bulleted lists. I can create a bulleted list using the diamond. But if I apply that style to a list, it shows in the list formatting pull down that it is a diamond list, but it isn’t. It’s just a mess of a list with no bullets. So I have to select the text I want in a bullet list and then reselect the bullets manually via the pull-down for every list. I have a ton of these in my games. I can do all this, but the Styles not savings these do make it more difficult.

Anyway, I guess the takeaway is that I think there is a bit of a style issue going on. I can do all this manually, just that styles really would simplify things.

I do love the new version and I’m finding it has a lot of features that are very helpful to me.


This works for me. Can we do a Zoom session, so I can see it fail?


That sounds like what happens if you use Paste and Match Style, not an ordinary Paste.

What is a confidential document?

How do you do that? However you do it, Lists are a separate feature from Styles. Styles include formatting only, not text such as a bullet or character.

Sorry, Character confidential document is something related to the murder mystery games I write. It’s pretty much just a text document in a folder.

Here’s what’s strange. I selected B in the text formatting and it makes it Bold, but if I click out to another document and come back, the B is no longer selected. I’m wondering if it is due to the font I’m using. Hmmm, I did some testing and it is the font messing with the B selection. Oh well, that is something I can fix later in the final Word layout.

So I think we got it all worked out! I do appreciate your help and guidance. Thank You so much!

Not every font has a Bold or Italics face, I think.