Style Menu

The style menu does not appear to update the text once it is styled. I can style the text to be body, but when I change the body style, the text does not update, and I have to select it again and apply style. Does that mean that there is no real style sheet, but just a style determinator that only works when text is created (or if it is selected and changed after the fact)?

That’s right, there is no styles system in Scrivener. The menu is called “Presets” in Scrivener 2.0 to make this distinction (the “Styles” menu in 1.x is just part of the standard OS X text system).

Although styles are on the list of possibilities for the future, they are more complicated to implement in a program such as Scrivener where the text is not all open in the same document at one time, and so they are not on the short-term list. I doubt I’ll get chance to seriously look at something like this before a putative 3.0.

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Then how about including the formatting presets in the right-click popup, so that its ready at hand whenever we have to apply it?

I would love a real style function too! One that also includes numeration! This is great for numbering examples, you just say “style: example” and you automatically get the paragraph numbered with the number following the one of the last example (which could be pages before). I know this is difficult to implement with the way Scrivener works, but it is one of the (few) things I miss about Word… :slight_smile:

On the list for 3.0 or 4.0. :slight_smile: