Style not being reapplied when told to do so.

Style hotkey does not “reapply” a style to a selection it thinks is already set to the style being told to set.

Why: Following a paste, style does not appear to be entirely or consistently preserved, thus prompting the need to reapply the style.

In my circumstance, I began with a new page, but may be reproducible from an existing page.

  1. Type any text into the first line and make that first line style “Heading 1”;
  2. Press return to move the cursor to a new line,
    sidenote: this maintains “Heading 1” and I believe it should contextually reset to a default (“No Style”) or a fall-back style defined by the user, but that may be an entirely different bug/expectation/feature than what I’m sharing in this report);
  3. Copy some text from an external source;
  4. Paste text into the editor on a new line already formatted to “No Style”;
  • text is pasted but the desired indent (from the default “no style”) is lost or altered;
  • text pasted is not selected following paste;
  1. Select text just pasted;
  2. Use alt-shift-0 or access the style pulldown and choose the already checked, “No Style”.

Expected behavior: style would be reapplied, fixing the lost, initial paragraph indent.
Actual behavior: no change, apparently it believes no action needed and the paragraph indent is not fixed.

Work-around: after selecting the pasted text, apply any style other than the one it currently believes is set and then follow that by choosing the desired style (“No Style”) again. This then, reapplies the desired style.

This is certainly not a show stopper but an annoying flow disruption. There are several ways to look at this:

  1. Pasted text should maintain/inherit formatting from source;
  2. Pasted text should conform to target formatting
  3. Expectations should be broader and expect neither inheritance nor conformance (or an ad hoc “both”).

Question: Does the program need fixing or do expectations need fixing?