Style selector in Formatting toolbar has gone inexplicably wide

The Style selector on my formatting toolbar has expanded to about five times its expected width, pushing all other formatting controls to the right of the window, disconcertingly above the Inspector.

  1. This is a comparison of the toolbars on the Tutorial with those in my production project. Note that all toolbar layouts have been reset to their defaults, and that except for the Styles selector both sets of toolbars are alike. I do have some custom styles, but none with unusually wide names.

As I resize each window, the toolbar compression in the production project occurs primarily in the Style selector. In the tutorial, it occurs primarily in the blank space to the right of the List dropdown.

Also, in Customize Toolbar, the GAP spacer doesn’t seem to work.

Any thoughts?

Rgds - Jerome

Almost certainly related. The Style selector has a text selection range and a context menu to no obvious purpose.
Suspect there’s something a little off in the properties for this control.

Rgds - Jerome

I’m not seeing this using the default theme. Haven’t been able to replicate it yet with any other themes.

It does the same on one of my projects, not with another one. Could not find what make it like that.

Thanks Jestar and jljovano. I’ve managed to reproduce this behavior, but the toolbar actually self-repairs on close and reopen of the project. We can reproduce in a new project as follows:

  1. Unzip the attached project. No need to open it; its formatting toolbar is fine.
  2. Create a new blank project and type a few words into the new first document.
  3. Select the bottom entry in the Styles selector: Show Styles Panel
  4. Click the “” control at the lower left of the Styles Panel, select Import Styles…
  5. Import from StyleDropdownDemo.scriv unzipped from the attachment.
  6. At the prompt “Update with Imported Styles?” choose “Replace Existing Styles”.
  7. Using the updated Styles Panel, apply Block Quote to the new document text.
    Styles dropdown should now be wider, and the formatting toolbar flush right. Not much of difference in a small window, but a distraction at full screen (40.9 KB)
Rgds - Jerome