Style Sheets Redux

I’ve read a couple of the threads on Style Sheets and understand why implementing them without Apple updating their text engine isn’t reasonable. Would it be possible to offer paragraph tagging as an alternative?

I’m thinking something like what one sees when looking at text in InDesign’s Story Editor, where each paragraph is in the same text face without any additional styling, but there’s a tag in the margin for whatever paragraph style has been applied. I would be happy with H1, H2, H3, etc., for basic markup, as long as it would export. (See attachment for an example)

This would make importing into an page layout environment much more convenient and reduce errors. Once imported, styling could be applied via a script or a regex search (or even manual search, highlight and format). I use ten different style sheets, each serving an important purpose. A few could be easily discarded, since they apply to chapter starts. Unfortunately, the others are used in the body of the text and would be harder to search for to apply formatting.


I think you can do at least some of this with MultiMarkDown (MMD), unless I misunderstand. If you haven’t looked at MMD it might be worth perusing the thread that deals with it. I only use the basics of it (italics, bold, and some headings) so I don’t know what it is fully capable of.