Style Shortcut results in crazy formatting?

Version 3.1.2 (10882) Non-Fiction Format. Style Shortcuts (Option+Command+#) result in changing text to all caps and a different font. Example: When applying Shortcut 7 (Body Iowan Old Style Roman 14pt. with indent) we get double indent in Courier Prime, 12pt, all caps! Shortcut 8 (1st Paragraph, Body Iowan Old Style Roman 14pt. without the indent), we get: Courier Prime, 12 pt. text.
Useless. So sad to not have speed formatting available. I need to open Paragraph Styles each time and choose the format desired, which still works. I have tried repeatedly to highlight correctly formatted text, go to Format/Style/Reformat Style from Selection, all to no avail.

It sounds like you might have scriptwriting mode turned on for this document. Check your binder for yellowish icons, which indicate scripting files. When using that mode, the bindings that would ordinarily use Styles are used to switch between different Elements (like Dialogue, Action etc.).

Hit ⌘8 to turn that off—and like I say, it’s a per document setting, so you might need to look around for others in your binder.

Thank you!!! I am in tears. It worked!!! I have my life back. XOXOXOX

Yay! :slight_smile:

Glad this topic was here. I just hit the same problem and yours was still the solution… Thanks. -gf

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