Style shortcuts do something different


I experiencing something similar, i guess. I have defined some styles for text, which occupy alt+cmd+1 to 6. Actually, I omitted 5, because of this but now discovered it with 6 as well.

I mean alt+cmd+5/6 does something else than style the text. I recognise now one situation: having two documents open, it does switch documents forward and backward in the active window. (I remember now that did that with one window open sometimes)

The previous thread had to do with two sets of commands (scriptwriting and styling) that share the same sequence of keyboard shortcuts, getting mixed up when switching between software on a specific version of macOS, before the problem was patched out, years ago. So I doubt what you’re seeing has anything to do with that, I’ve thus split it off to a new thread to avoid confusion.

Having keys bound to unknown utilities, or customised and then forgetting one has done so, is not an uncommon problem. Basic troubleshooting, meant to be stopped once you find the culprit:

  1. Check System Preferences: Keyboard: Shortcuts: App Shortcuts, under “All Applications” and “”, and make sure these keys are not assigned to something else.
  2. Close all third-party utility software that has anything to do with automation. Text expansion utilities, macro software, keyboard/mouse enhancement software, etc. If you’re unsure of what all might be installed or in play, simply log out of your account and then log back in with the Shift key held down to suppress all auto-load software.
  3. Reinstall the software and reset preferences. If there is no evidence of customisation or conflicts, then it is likely a case of a corrupted install, which weirdly enough happens more often than you might think, and can manifest as all manner of weirdness, from broken shortcuts, to broken click and drag, to squished icons, to crashes and so on.